Mental Health Awareness Month

Every May, we recognize Mental Health Awareness Month as a time to raise awareness about mental health, break down stigma and share resources to support ourselves and each other.

In 2024, we are turning our focus to the importance of supporting the mental health and wellness of Black men and boys because we know historical racism and stigma makes it harder for Black males to feel safe asking for help. And, because systemic racism has kept Black providers from entering the behavioral health work force, when Black males do reach out for help, they are more likely to be met with culturally incompetent and inadequate care.

The consequences are devastating for the Black community at large:

  • The suicide rate among Black youths increased 144% from 2007 to 2020
  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death for Black men ages 15-24
  • In 2018, the suicide rate for Black men was four times greater than for Black women

Sources: National Alliance on Mental Illness, Baltimore Banner

Ready to reach out but not sure where to start? The organizations below focus on Black mental health and suicide prevention. 

Here’s how we honored Mental Health Awareness Month in:

2020 I 2021 I 2022 I 2023