Journey to Wellness: Mind, Body and Story

We are all on our own unique journeys to health and wellness, but we share one common thread: everyone needs to feel a sense of belonging and purpose to thrive. A person’s behavioral health and wellness is complex; it’s impacted by a variety of environmental and systemic factors, including genetics, systemic racism, exposure to trauma, support systems, access to health care services and other community services. These factors play a profound role in a person’s ability to be well and thrive.

The stories in this series are a small reflection of the behavioral health experiences across our city. We hope to destigmatize mental health and substance use by showing how behavioral health impacts us all. Everyone’s journey to wellness is part of the story of our city’s behavioral health and wellness.

Hope after Loss: A Conversation with Roberta’s House

Laura Wood was shy when she joined her first support group session with Roberta’s House. She was weighed down by grief and nervous about sharing something so personal and painful with a group of strangers …

William Jenkins Photo

The Power of Taking a Moment to Pause and Reflect

“I know God has a plan for me. If not, I wouldn’t have seen Shelly that day.  She gave me Go Slow and it saved my life. My life has been on an upward journey ever since.” – William …

Photo of Phil Kaplan

Talking Openly about Depression with Phil Kaplan

You can never know the battles someone is fighting under the surface based on their outward appearance. That’s what Philip Kaplan told students while presenting with NAMI Baltimore’s In Our Own Voice program. He shared …

Photograph of Alikah

Being There: The Importance of Family Support

“My message to family members is – continue to show up for your loved ones and don’t give up” – Alikah Adair, Family Support Specialist with NAMI Baltimore When Alikah Adair decided to become a …

B’more Clubhouse: Supporting Wellness through Community

B’more Clubhouse: Supporting Wellness through Community

Everybody needs to feel connected and have somewhere they belong to thrive. B’more Clubhouse supports individuals with mental illness by creating a sense of community to help empower members to lead meaningful and productive lives.

Out of Stigma's Shadow

Out of Stigma’s Shadow: Stoop Storytelling Series

Out of Stigma’s Shadow: Stories about mental health, mental illness, and the mysteries inside our heads was a special Stoop Storytelling event in the Baltimore area on May 21, 2019. Seven people shared true, personal tales about the challenges, the surprises, the struggles, and the triumphs, of living with mental health challenges.

Ronald Barksdale

Ronald Barksdale

Listen to Ronald Barskdale talk about stigma.

Phaedra Ward

Phaedra Ward

Watch Bmore POWER advocate Phaedra Ward share her inspiring story of overdose and recovery less than a year after she almost died from an opioid overdose on this playground.

Latif K

Latif K.

"My goal is to achieve a deeper peace and meaning. I want to be able to get people smiling. If someone is walking away from a conversation with me saying, ‘I can do something,’ then I’m happy.” Latif

Tanika J

Tamnika J.

"I think I have a gift, for whatever reason. People young and old tend to gravitate toward me and we develop relationships very easily. I'm just happy that I'm able to be the person to set the example." Tamnika

Cynthia T

Cynthia T.

"You have to be open-minded to the whole process of recovery. You have to know that this can work for you and you have to buy in to the available support systems. The bottom line is that support for recovery has to come from all different avenues." Cynthia