Our Commitment to Equity

Photo of Waverly diversity mural
Photo by Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts


BHSB supports the movement to end systemic racism and is committed to working to deconstruct systems of oppression within our behavioral health system and communities. 

White supremacy and other systems of oppression are embedded in interpersonal interactions, institutions, and broader societal structures, causing untold generations of harm. The impact extends beyond race, intersecting with oppression based on gender, class, sexual orientation, disability, and other identities. Experiences of oppression and childhood trauma are major drivers of the disproportionately high rates of mental illness and substance use in Baltimore City.  

We recognize that systems of oppression show up everywhere, including within our own organization. If we want to address racism at the system level, we must start by addressing it within. We have a workgroup of dedicated employees who have been engaging in this work since 2017. We are working toward systemic and culture change within the organization to support equity and inclusion. 

We envision a city where all residents have access to culturally and linguistically competent behavioral health and wellness services that affirms their identities. To support this vision, we are committed to becoming an actively antiracist organization that addresses all systems of oppression.