Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Job Title Direct Line
Taylor, LCSW-C Crista President and CEO 4436157824
Wheatley-Rowe Denise Vice President, Accountability 4436157834
Johnson Steve Vice President, Programs 4436157796
Breidenstine Adrienne Vice President, Policy and Communications 4436157824
Torres Alicia Referrals Coordinator 4436157832
Vasbinder Amy Accounting Manager 4436157854
Gincel Ayelet Director, Human Resources 4436157838
Waters Barry Provider Relations Manager 4107358570
Siakowska Beata Director of Grants Accounting 4107358550
Campbell Bonnie Director, Special Projects 4436157790
Liu Cindy Senior Staff Accountant 4436157856
Jarvis Daniel Director, Special Projects 4107358566
Taylor David Criminal Justice Care Coordinator 4107358558
Long Diana Associate Director, Management & Investigations Manager 4436157810
Jenkins Dorothy Receptionist 4436157800
Jordan-Randolph, M.D. Gayle Medical Consultant 4107790659
Stevens Georgia ​Long Term Care Coordinator 4107358536
Camper Jacquelyn Quality Coordinator 4107358504
Jackson Jerry Criminal Justice Care Coordinator 4107358532
Ruffin Kathi Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer 4107358554
Tatum Keisha Director of Contract Operations 4107358530
Winston-Watkins Kisha Associate Director, Adult Services 4107358576
Hendricks Lakeisha Senior Contract Administrator 4107358589
Alonge Lanre Director, Information Technology 4107358500
Brooks Latosha Recovery Services Coordinator 4107358587
Irving Lee Special Assistant to the President & CEO 4107358528
Mumma Lynn Vice President, Operations and Chief Operating Officer 4436157848
Slater Mark Director of Rehabilitation and Treatment 4436157820
Sine Mark Quality Coordinator 4436157802
Patel Mrugesh Database Administrator 4107358582
Fields Nathan Outreach Coach 4107558526
Cobb-Richardson Patricia Director, Community Resilience 4107358548
Dixon-Smith Romona Quality Coodinator 4107358508
Petion Shanice HR Specialist 4107358572
Jefferson Stacey Director, Policy and Stakeholder Engagement 4107358578
Hairston Tiffiney Operations Specialist 4436157786
Fleming Tyrone Associate Director, Quality 4107358514
Bowling Valerie Grants Accountant 4107358502
Rohlehr Wanda Grants Accountant 4436157780
Miller William Bmore POWER Coordinator 4436157784
Fuller Xavier Technical Specialist 4436157822
Wykowski Alex Associate Director, Clinical Services 4436157858
Burrell Darryl BMore POWER Coordinator 4436157842
Carter Kwante Compliance Coordinator 4107358584
Abeokuto Taliesha Associate Director of Special Populations 4436157782
Pope Tasha Associate Director, Recovery Support Services 4436157852
Jeffress Nate Grants Accountant 4107358526
Alexander Terri U-TURNS Project Manager 4436157826
Cartwright Arielle Contracts Administrator 4436157806
Corey Miera Associate Director, Maryland Training Harm Reduction Institute 4107358598
Corrigan Elizabeth Data Analyst 4107358520
Hill Tyesha Rehabilitation and Treatment, Adult Services 4107358542
Price Julvette Consumer Inclusion Coordinator 4436157844
Tripps Montressa Community Education Coordinator 4436157836
Smalls Michelle Recovery Services Coordinator 4107358552
Brown Gwen Community Engagement Coordinator 4437358574
Epps Nikira Early Childhood & School-Based Program Lead 4107358546
Boyd Antoine Controller 4107358506
Fields-Bass Sharon Quality Coordinator 4436157812
Emerson Kristen Contract Administrator 4436157808
Rabbitt Daniel Director, GBRICS Policy 4436157846
Brocht Chauna Director, GBRICS Project Implementation 4436157814
Jennings Tiffany Accounts Payable Coordinator 4426157840
Owensford Alisha Prevention Cooridnator 4107358516
Elkasabany Rowaa Maryland Harm Reduction Training Institute Coordinator 4436157788
Corbin Sal Maryland Harm Reduction Training Institute Coordinator 4436157792
Woodrum Amy GBRICS Project Manager 4107358544
Johnson Danielle Associate Director, Bmore POWER 4107358534
Crouch John Clinical Services Coordinator 4436157804
Hendricks Kareem Account Monitor 4107358538
Sleighter Kayley Rehabilitation and Treatment Coordinator, Adult Services 4436157794
Hendricks Natasha Grants Accountant 4107358510
Thomas-Habersham Shameka Associate Director, Child and Family 4107358518
Van Oeveren Elizabeth Recovery Services Cooridnator 4107358512
Loos Kelsi Special Projects Cooridnator 4107358590
Love Nick CIT Coordinator 4107358568
Abdul-Fattah Samirah GBRICS Community Engagement Cooridnator 4107358588
Bushee Tracy SOR Cooridnator 4107358584
Blum Taylor Grant Administrator 4107358561
Thacker Gabbi Communications Manager 443-615-7859
Scott Jaquetta Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8547
Shaw Brenda Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8507
Small Devin A. Bmore POWER Outreach Worker
Sollers Tamara Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8545
Wilson Jerry Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8543
Fuller Douglas Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8511
James Sr. Dennis Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8541
Johnson Raichelle Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8519
Johnson Shelly A. Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8513
Johnson Teyana Recovery Services Coordinator 410-735-8523
Phillips Ronald Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8531
Plato Yulawnda L. Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8505
Adams Emmanuel Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8539
Allen Tonya Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8537
Barksdale Belinda E. Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8551
Barksdale Ronald C. Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8527
Brandon Roland Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8521
Branicz Ann-Marie Budget Analyst 410-735-8509
Brittingham Takeya Bmore POWER Outreach Worker
Crosby Keith T. Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8524
Diggs Steve W. Bmore POWER Coordinator 410-735-8529
Yorke Liselle Director, Communications 443-615-7857
George Brittney Operations Specialist 443-615-7783
Covington Alexis Prevention Coordinator 443-615-7781
Chmielewski Rachell
Nicharot Noelle Rehabilitation and Treatment, Child & Family Coordinator 410-735-8512