Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Job Title Direct Line
Taylor, LCSW-C Crista President and CEO 443-615-7828
Wheatley-Rowe Denise Vice President, Accountability 443-615-7834
Johnson Steve Vice President, Programs 443-615-7796
Breidenstine Adrienne Vice President, Policy and Communications 443-615-7824
Torres Alicia Referrals Coordinator 443-615-7832
Vasbinder Amy Accounting Manager 443-615-7854
Gincel Ayelet Director, Human Resources 443-615-7838
Siakowska Beata Director of Grants Accounting 410-735-8550
Campbell Bonnie Director, Special Projects 443-615-7790
Liu Cindy Senior Staff Accountant 443-615-7856
Jarvis Daniel Director, Special Projects 410-735-8566
Taylor David Criminal Justice Care Coordinator 410-735-8558
Long Diana Associate Director, Management & Investigations Manager 443-615-7810
Stevens Georgia ​Long Term Care Coordinator 410-735-8536
Camper Jacquelyn Quality Coordinator 410-735-8504
Ruffin Kathi Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer 410-735-8554
Tatum Keisha Director, Contracts 410-735-8530
Winston-Watkins Kisha Director, Operations 410-735-8576
Hendricks Lakeisha Senior Contract Administrator 410-735-8589
Alonge Lanre Director, Information Technology 410-735-8500
Brooks Latosha Recovery Services Coordinator 410-735-8587
Irving Lee Special Assistant to the President & CEO 410-735-8528
Mumma Lynn Vice President, Operations and Chief Operating Officer 443-615-7848
Sine Mark Quality Coordinator 443-615-7802
Fields Nathan Outreach Coach 410-735-8526
Dixon-Smith Romona Quality Coodinator 4107358508
Hairston Tiffiney Operations Specialist 443-615-7786
Fleming Tyrone Associate Director, Quality 410-735-8514
Bowling Valerie Grants Accountant 410-735-8502
Rohlehr Wanda Grants Accountant 443-615-7780
Fuller Xavier Technical Specialist 443-615-7822
Burrell Darryl BMore POWER Coordinator 443-615-7842
Carter Kwante Compliance Coordinator 443-735-8584
Abeokuto Taliesha Associate Director of Special Populations 443-615-7782
Pope Tasha Associate Director, Recovery Support Services 443-615-7852
Jeffress Nate Grants Accountant 410-735-8560
Cartwright Arielle Contracts Administrator 443-615-7806
Corey Miera Associate Director, Maryland Training Harm Reduction Institute 4107358598
Hill Tyesha Associate Director, Adult Services 410-735-8542
Price Julvette Consumer Inclusion Coordinator 443-615-7844
Tripps Montressa Community Education Coordinator 443-615-7836
Brown Gwen Community Engagement Coordinator 410-735-8574
Epps Nikira Early Childhood & School-Based Program Lead 410-735-8546
Fields-Bass Sharon Quality Coordinator 443-615-7812
Emerson Kristen Contract Administrator 443-615-7808
Rabbitt Daniel Director, GBRICS Policy 443-615-7846
Brocht Chauna Director, Crisis Services 443-615-7814
Corbin Sal Maryland Harm Reduction Training Institute Coordinator 443-615-7792
Johnson Danielle Associate Director, Bmore POWER 410-735-8534
Crouch John Associate Director, Crisis Services 443-615-7804
Hendricks Kareem Account Monitor 4107358538
Sleighter Kayley Rehabilitation and Treatment Coordinator, Adult Services 443-615-7794
Hendricks Natasha Grants Accountant 410-735-8510
Thomas-Habersham, MS, CPRP Shameka Director, Child and Family 410-735-8518
Love Nick CIT Coordinator 410-735-8568
Abdul-Fattah Samirah GBRICS Community Engagement Coordinator 410-735-8588
Bushee Tracy SOR Cooridnator 410-735-8594
Blum Taylor Grant Administrator 410-735-8561
Thacker Gabbi Communications Manager 443-615-7859
Scott Jaquetta Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8547
Shaw Brenda Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8507
Small Devin A. Bmore POWER Outreach Worker
Sollers Tamara Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8545
Wilson Jerry Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8543
James Sr. Dennis Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8541
Johnson Raichelle Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8519
Johnson Shelly A. Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8513
Johnson Teyana Recovery Services Coordinator 410-735-8523
Phillips Ronald Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8531
Plato Yulawnda L. Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8505
Adams Emmanuel Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8539
Allen Tonya Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8537
Barksdale Belinda E. Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8551
Barksdale Ronald C. Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8527
Brandon Roland Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8521
Branicz Ann-Marie Budget Analyst 410-735-8509
Brittingham Takeya Bmore POWER Outreach Worker
Crosby Keith T. Bmore POWER Outreach Worker 410-735-8524
Diggs Steve W. Bmore POWER Coordinator 410-735-8529
Yorke Liselle Director, Communications 443-615-7857
George Brittney Prevention Coordinator 443-615-7783
Chmielewski Rachell Older Adults Behavioral Health Coordinator
Nicharot Noelle Associate Director, Child & Family Services 410-735-8512
Kosinski Zachary Director, Harm Reduction 443-615-7785
Moore Amber SOR Coordinator 410-735-8525
Skipper Ashley Diversion Project Manager 410-735-8520
Stuart Martha Director, Impact and Measurement 443-615-7788
Frailey Greg MaHRTI Coordinator 443-615-7781
Marks Shanice CIT Coordinator 410-735-8522
Armstead Thornto Criminal Justice Care Coordinator
Walker Chantel Recovery Services Coordinator 443-615-7789
Cormier Aidan MaHRTI Coordinator 443-615-7793
Rojas Psalms Director, Community Resilience 443-615-7791
Smith Anita AP Coordinator 410-735-8503
Boone Christina HR Specialist
Bryant-Hall Raymond Grants Accountant
Simms Jevone Operations Specialist
Theuheubou Lucy Rehabilitation & Treatment Coordinator, Adult Services 443-615-7799