Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Job Title Direct Line
Taylor, LCSW-C Crista President and CEO 443-615-7824
Wheatley-Rowe Denise Vice President, Accountability 443-615-7834
Johnson Steve Vice President, Programs 443-615-7796
Breidenstine Adrienne Vice President, Policy and Communications 443-615-7824
Torres Alicia Referrals Coordinator 443-615-7832
Vasbinder Amy Accounting Manager 443-615-7854
Collins Ashley Rehabilitation and Treatment Coordinator 410-735-8552
Gincel Ayelet Human Resources Director 443-615-7838
Waters Barry Provider Relations Manager 410-735-8570
Siakowska Beata Director of Grants Accounting 410-735-8550
Campbell Bonnie Director of Special Projects 443-615-7790
Duval Candace Grants Accountant 410-735-8510
Boykins Celeste Associate Director, Clinical Services 410-735-8506
Liu Cindy Senior Staff Accountant 443-615-7856
Jarvis Daniel Associate Director, Special Populations 410-735-8566
Taylor David Criminal Justice Care Coordinator 410-735-8558
Myers Deborah Administration Manager 410-735-8542
Long Diana Incident Management & Investigations Manager 443-615-7810
Jenkins Dorothy Receptionist 443-615-7800
Unger Elizabeth Communications Manager 410-735-8954
Wexler Elizabeth B.E.S.T. Coordinator 410-868-4081
Heinlein Emily Director of Public Health Strategic Initiatives 410-735-8522
Guthua Francis Fiscal Coordinator 410-735-8518
Knighton Gabby Director of Special Populations 410-735-8526
Jordan-Randolph, M.D. Gayle Medical Director 443-615-7862
Stevens Georgia ‚ÄčLong Term Care Coordinator
Dewey Heather Associate Director, Child and Family Services 443-615-7814
Camper Jacquelyn Quality Coordinator 410-735-8504
Glassman Jennifer Senior Contract Administrator 443-615-7850
Jackson Jerry Criminal Justice Care Coordinator 410-735-8532
Wade Karen Administrative Specialist 410-735-8568
Ruffin Kathi C‚Äčontroller 410-735-8554
Tatum Keisha Director of Contract Operations 410-735-8530
Winston-Watkins Kisha Associate Director, Adult Services 410-735-8576
Bakre Kola Older Adults Behavioral Health Coordinator 410-735-8540
Johnson Kristen Grants Accountant 410-735-8592
Hendricks Lakeisha Senior Contract Administrator 410-735-8589
Alonge Lanre Director of Information Technology 410-735-8500
Brooks Latosha Prevention Services Coordinator 410-735-8587
Irving Lee Special Assistant to the President & CEO 410-735-8528
Mumma Lynn Vice President, Strategy 443-615-7848
Slater Mark Director of Rehabilitation and Treatment 443-615-7820
Sine Mark Recovery Services Coordinator 443-615-7802
Vaeth Mary Quality Coordinator 410-735-8564
Patel Mrugesh Database Administrator 410-735-8582
Fields Nathan Overdose Prevention & Response Trainer 410-340-2445
McGill Nicole Outpatient Civil Commitment (OCC) Monitor 410-735-8574
Larkai Nora Prevention Coordinator 443-615-7792
Cobb-Richardson Patricia Director of Community Resilience 443-615-7858
Engler Philip Grants Accountant 410-735-8556
Dixon-Smith Romona Quality Coodinator 410-735-8508
Petion Shanice HR Specialist 410-735-8572
Borell Shanna Special Projects Manager 443-615-7798
Hawkes Sherita MD RecoveryNet Regional Area Coordinator 410-735-8536
Jefferson Stacey Associate Director, Policy and Community Engagement 410-735-8578
Heard Tiffany Recovery Services Coordinator 410-735-8562
Hairston Tiffiney Administrative Specialist 443-615-7786
Fleming Tyrone Associate Director of Quality 410-735-8514
Bowling Valerie Grants Accountant 410-735-8502
Rohlehr Wanda Grants Accountant 443-615-7780
Miller William Bmore POWER Coordinator 443-615-7784
Fuller Xavier Contract Management Specialist 443-615-7822
Ross Arnold Vice President, Finance and Operation/CFO 410-735-8546
Wykowski Alex Clinical Services Coordinator 443-615-7858
Narayen Arish Stabilization Center Project Manager 443-615-7816
Rodriguez Christine Harm Reduction Training Institute Manager 410-735-8524
Burrell Darryl BMore POWER Coordinator 443-615-7842
Carter Kwante Compliance Coordinator 410-735-8584
Cavalieri Shira Rehabilitation and Treatment Coordinator 410-735-8548
Abeokuto Taliesha Rehabilitation and Treatment Coordinator 443-615-7782
Pope Tasha Rehabilitation and Treatment Coordinator 443-615-7852
Leach Carolyn Director of Prevention