Resources for Providers

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Licensing and Accreditation Requirements

Community-based behavioral health programs are required to be licensed and accredited to operate in the State of Maryland. COMAR 10.63 outlines the licensing and accreditation requirements.

The following resources are available to assist providers with licensing and accreditation:

Agreement to Cooperate

All behavioral health providers must enter an Agreement to Cooperate with BHSB before applying for a license in Baltimore. The agreement to cooperate is a written agreement between the program and the local behavioral health authority regarding the coordination and cooperation of behavioral health services (COMAR Agreements are required when submitting an initial application, renewal application, or request for a change to the program license. Providers interested in entering an Agreement to Cooperate should review the following documents:

Maryland Medicaid

Beacon Health Options is the Administrative Services Organization (ASO) for Maryland’s Public Behavioral Health System. The ASO pays for behavioral health services for Maryland Medicaid enrollees and people who are uninsured.

The following resources are available to assist providers with Maryland Medicaid:

Trainings for Providers

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