BHSB Helps Behavioral Health Providers to Deliver Comprehensive, High Quailty Servies

BHSB serves as a hub for information and resources for providers. We share information about funding opportunities, legislative updates, provider-specific trainings and other relevant resources for providers. By connecting and supporting providers, together we can build a more effective and responsive system of care that comprehensively addresses the health and wellness of our city.

Funding Opportunities

BHSB periodically offers funding opportunities for a range of services and activities to support behavioral health and wellness in Baltimore City.

Forms for Providers

Find forms, referrals and applications related to behavioral health services in Baltimore.


Find resources for current and prospective service providers.

Database Log Ins

Access BHSB web applications for providers including our Contract Management System (CMS), Real Time Capacity (RTC) and Expanded School Mental Health (ESMH).

Critical Incident Report

BHSB investigates and responds to critical incidents that occur at behavioral health programs in Baltimore City.

FAQ for Providers

Do you have a question? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for providers page.