COVID-19 Prevention and Response Resources for Behavioral Health Providers  

Please contact BHSB with questions related to COVID-19 at

Rapid COVID Test Kits for Residential Behavioral Health Providers

We are partnering with the Baltimore City Health Department to distribute rapid COVID-19 testing kits to Baltimore City residential behavioral health providers

Get the COVID Vaccine

Several vaccines for COVID-19 have been proven to be safe and effective. All Maryland residents above the age of 16 are currently eligible to register for the vaccine. Here are some additional resources to help you find a vaccine appointment:


For questions, email and BCHD will respond as soon as they can!

Information for Providers Interested in Distributing the Vaccine

Behavioral health providers can help address vaccine access inequities by registering to distribute vaccines to those you serve. All interested providers must register through ImmuNet to be able to order vaccines. Providers are expected to track and report information on administered vaccines.

For more information:

For questions, email and BCHD will respond as soon as they can!

State Guidance and Resources

Report COVID Cases

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Provider Check-In Calls

BHSB hosts regular meetings with behavioral health providers in Baltimore City to inform and support the behavioral health provider network with updates and resources. The meetings are  the second Tuesday of every month at 2 pm.  To get email updates for providers and invitations to the Provider Check In Meetings, please sign up for our email list below: