Overdose Prevention

Overdose Prevention in Baltimore

Important steps you can take to prevent overdose

In 2018, 888 people in Baltimore lost their lives to overdose. They were friends, parents, children, and valued members of our community. Most of the overdoses were due to opioids, especially fentanyl. If you or a loved one uses drugs, there are important steps you can take to prevent overdose.

Practice harm reduction and take steps to reduce the risk of overdose:

Narcan Nasal Spray: Naloxone
Photo: YouTube/Narcan

Baltimore Harm Reduction Resources:

Call 911 if you witness an overdose:

Under Maryland’s Good Samaritan Law if you help someone who is overdosing:

  • You cannot be arrested or charged for possession of small amounts of drugs, paraphernalia or providing alcohol to minors.
  • Your parole and probation status will not be affected.
  • You MUST be helping the individual who is overdosing for this law to apply to you.