Bmore POWER (Peers Offering Wellness, Education and Resources)

Bmore POWER logo

Bmore POWER (Peers Offering Wellness, Education and Resources) is BHSB’s harm reduction outreach team.

Bmore POWER’s mission is to help people safeguard themselves and their communities from mental, physical and societal harms. We are here to save lives, reduce harm, and address risky behaviors. We offer non-judgmental support and information to the communities we love.

Our team does outreach throughout Baltimore providing naloxone, fentanyl testing strips, wound care supplies, information and connection to support. We know that our communities need us more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why we have continued outreach and have given out masks, hand sanitizer and other resources to help keep our neighbors safe. 

To contact Bmore POWER, email [email protected].  

Click here to visit a memorial page celebrating the lives of people who have shaped Bmore POWER.

Our Impact  

Bmore POWER has given out over 60,000 naloxone kits and recorded over 6,300 overdose reversals. Our work saves lives.