Shameka Thomas-Habersham, MS, CPRP

Director, Child and Family


Shameka Thomas-Habersham is the Child and Family Services Director at Behavioral Health System Baltimore. 

Shameka leads the Child and Family team that is responsible for managing the continuum of rehabilitation and treatment services within the publicly funded system for children, adolescents, youth, and families in Baltimore. In addition, Shameka focuses on the opportunity to work collaboratively with various stakeholders to elevate the voices of historically excluded individuals to improve the accessibility, quality, delivery, and cultural relevance of services in the system of care. 

Shamaka holds Bachelor’s degrees in Education and Criminal Justice Administration and a Master’s in Human Service Administration. Shameka is a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner (CPRP) with a wealth of experience in Peer Support, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Case management, supportive employment, special populations experiencing Severe Persistent Mental Illness(SPMI), high-risk youth and adults’ long-term and temporal homelessness, and residential and transitional services.