Maryland Harm Reduction Training Institute (MaHRTI)

The Maryland Harm Reduction Training Institute (MaHRTI) is a training, technical assistance, and leadership development initiative of Behavioral Health System Baltimore (BHSB) for interested stakeholders statewide.

MaHRTI has three primary goals:

1. Build local and statewide knowledge, capacity, and expertise in harm reduction-related philosophy and service delivery
2. Support harm reduction programs to provide the highest quality services for people who use drugs and/or have a history of drug use
3. Support the leadership development and capacity building of people who use drugs and/or have a history of drug use


MaHRTI offers an evolving core set of trainings designed for the harm reduction workforce; health, social service, and housing providers working directly with people who use drugs (PWUD); and community groups community groups that center the wellness of PWUD and other directly impacted individuals. These curricula are listed below and may be requested or offered by invitation. 


For harm reduction-specific organizations and/or program initiatives, MaHRTI accepts individualized requests for tailored technical assistance to address current and emerging local needs. Please send any inquiries to


In collaboration with our partners, MaHRTI hosts intermittent issue-specific convenings as well as a number of regularly recurring opportunities for horizontal learning and collaborative problem-solving among harm reduction program professionals. Leadership development opportunities, as they become available, are shared broadly and require an application process.

Current Workshops

The following workshops – as standalone options or combined for daylong training – may be scheduled by request. New offerings will be added here as they are developed. Please email MaHRTI at to inquire about the possibility of hosting training in your community.

Harm Reduction 101

A 3-hour training exploring frameworks for understanding motivations for and potential harms associated with drug use, underlying philosophy and principles central to a harm reduction approach to working with people who use drugs, and definition(s) and examples of harm reduction in direct service and policy contexts.

Stigma, Trauma, and People Who Use Drugs

This 3-hour workshop discusses the historical roots of drug-user stigma, including the roles of targeted criminalization, the media, and research science; our best attempts to define stigma, why trauma matters, and strategies for challenging stigma as individuals and organizations.

Coming Soon!

  • Pregnancy and Substance Use (title subject to change)
  • The Point Isn’t the *Only* Point: Holistic Drug User Health

Recorded Webinars

Motivational Interviewing for People Who Use Drugs*

Safer Injection and Basic Wound Care*

De-Escalation and Conflict Management*

*Behavioral Health System Baltimore’s name is misstated in the above webinars by the presenter. We are actively working to correct this error.

Fentanyl Test Strips: Train the Trainer**

**We are aware that some slides may be cut off and will be re-recording this webinar soon to fix this.

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Resources / Partners

Community-Based Organizations/Coalitions/Networks, Baltimore-based

National Policy Advocacy and Capacity Building Organizations

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For any additional questions or training inquiries, please contact the Maryland Harm Reduction Training Institute at