Nate Newmuis

Nate Newmuis is proud to be employed as a Family Advocate at a local Early Head Start (EHS) program in Baltimore, MD. He works in direct services and oversees 28 families on his caseload. As an EHS Advocate, he coordinates services for families and forms community partnerships. Additionally, he hosts monthly facilitation meetings for the local Parent Policy Committee at the center and organizes recruitment and tabling events.

His accomplishments as an advocate have been coordinating, organizing with local partners, and establishing and maintaining partnerships in multiple communities.

Nate received his Associates Degree in Mental Health at the Community College of Baltimore County. Nate completed his Bachelor of Science in Social Work at Morgan State University HBCU, making him the first-generation college graduate in his family.

After college, Nate volunteered with AmeriCorps and completed a one-year term fellowship with the Choice Program at UMBC. He has worked in the human service field for eight years and has served several marginalized populations.

Throughout his service, Nate has grown passionate about leadership and advocacy to ensure inclusivity for all. He sought out the Board to connect to members in the community, obtain knowledge, and learn organizational practices as a diverse voice at the table. He believes that education allows individuals freedom, and dignity which empowers individuals to influence others.