Patricia Cobb-Richardson

Patricia Cobb Richardson

Director, Community Resilience


Patricia Cobb Richardson brings over 20 years’ experience developing and leading homeless service programs in urban and rural communities in New York City, Maryland and Delaware.

While serving as Chief Program Officer for a homeless service provider in New York City, she led the development of innovative housing, outreach and behavioral health programs for youth and young adults. Ms. Cobb-Richardson worked as co-principal investigator on several published research studies of street homeless adults. A passionate advocate for effective systems level approaches to ending youth homelessness, her work has unfolded within an integrated framework of evidence-based emerging practices that are trauma-responsive, committedly collaborative and culturally-relevant to the communities served. She is co-founder of Thriving Communities Collaborative, a Baltimore-based group of advocates, providers, community members and leaders. This group is dedicated to leveraging the protective factors and resilience of communities challenged by chronic stress and trauma borne of gun violence, substance abuse, poverty, racism and mass incarceration while supporting sustainable long-term wellness. She is a key contributor to both national and local collaboratives that enhances Baltimore’s capacity to provide trauma-informed care through her training, education and technical assistance work with special emphasis on the implications to communities and treatment programs of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study.

Ms. Cobb-Richardson earned her Master’s Degree in Psychology from Loyola University Maryland.