Stories of Hope

Behavioral Health System Baltimore supports individuals, families and communities in building healthier lives, stronger families and safer communities. These success stories are just a few of the many individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by the mental health and substance use services and programs.

Ronald Barksdale

Listen to Ronald Barskdale talk about stigma.

Phaedra Ward

Watch Bmore POWER advocate Phaedra Ward share her inspiring story of overdose and recovery less than a year after she almost died from an opioid overdose on this playground.

Thomas Hicks

Thomas Hicks, Executive Director of H.O.P.E Recovery Center shares his personal story of addiction and recovery.

Philip Vaughn

Philip Vaughn is an advocate for NAMI Baltimore and a person in recovery. He shared his story as part of the Strip Away the Mask series for Recovery Month 2017.

Latif K.

Latif K. grew up in a neighborhood in Baltimore City. He used heroin on and off for 40 years after he first started at age 17. A nine-year stint in jail interrupted his drug use.

Tamnika J.

Tamnika J.'s journey from addiction to recovery is not typical. She was a comparatively privileged child, growing up in an intact middle-class family.

Cynthia T.

Cynthia T. grew up in Park Heights in Northwest Baltimore, where substance abuse was commonplace in her household. At age 22, she tried heroin for the first time.