Resources to Support Health and Wellness During COVID-19

The COVID-19 emergency has dramatically changed life in Baltimore, and across the country.  While it’s important to stay informed, we encourage you to be mindful of how these changes may be impacting your mood and mental health. BHSB put together resources and information to support our community to stay healthy and connected during this pandemic 

If you are a behavioral health provider   click here to see resources and updates for providers.

Information about COVID-19

For information about COVID-19, review these resources from local and national health experts.

Resources to Support Emotional Health and Wellness 

It’s important to follow guidelines for social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This experience can evoke a range of emotions and stressors for people. It is essential to care for our mental health during this time of uncertainty and isolation. We are all #InThisTogether. Here are some resources to help: 

Resources for Baltimore City Residents  

There are a wide variety of resources available to support Baltimore residents through this emergency.  

Funding Opportunities During the COVID-19 Crisis