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Health Care Reform

Behavioral Health in the Medicaid Program

The Maryland Medicaid program funds mental health and substance use disorder services across Maryland. It is the largest source of funding for Maryland’s fee-for-service, public behavioral health system. Baltimore City represents almost 40 percent of the public behavioral health system in Maryland, serving over 65,000 people with mental illness and substance use disorders annually.

 Medicaid expansion provided under the Affordable Care Act improved access to mental health and substance use disorder services in Maryland. It is the position of BHSB that Maryland continue to support the Medicaid program and its expansion under the Affordable Care Act. BHSB sent a letter to Governor Larry Hogan urging him to protect Medicaid expansion in the year ahead. For a copy of our letter click here.

Resources on Health Reform

The resources below provide information on Medicaid expansion and behavioral health. These resources provide useful information for advocacy and can be used for conversations with legislators and policymakers.

National Health Care Reform:

 Health Care Reform in Maryland: