Baltimore Recovery Corps

The Baltimore Recovery Corps (BRC) was launched in spring 2011, as part of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s StepUp Baltimore volunteer initiative.

The Recovery Corps program is designed to provide men and women in recovery from substance abuse with opportunities to “give back” through volunteering to serve as peer-recovery support advocates. The Baltimore Recovery Corps (BRC) is a peer-based coaching and advocacy recovery support service that is non-clinical and designed to engage persons seeking to access treatment, those preparing to leave treatment and re-establish life in the community, or recent program graduates seeking to access recovery support services. Penn North is the new home for the BRC and will begin operations soon!

Part of the Mayor’s StepUp Baltimore Initiative, BRC is transforming how Baltimore tackles addiction.

The BRC recognizes the value of those in the city who are often forgotten and still stigmatized: individuals recovering from substance dependence and identified more than 100 of these individuals who have successfully managed their recoveries for at least two years, then trained and mobilized them to serve as peer recovery advocates (PRA’s) across the city. Because they are succeeding against all odds to stay clean, they have a wealth of experience and knowledge that they draw on to help others make the same transition from addiction to long-term recovery. Click here to see some pictures of the PRA’s in action in West Baltimore!

Impact of Recovery Corps

Corps members have helped to strengthen people’s recoveries:

  • 603 individuals assisted to enter, stay in, complete, and/or manage recovery after treatment
  • Provided support services or linked individuals to support services in 1180 instances
As a result of their service experience, corps members have strengthened their own recovery:
  • 21 corps members who were unemployed have found employment
  • 2 corps members who were either unemployed, or employed only part-time, are now serving as full-time AmeriCorps members, receiving stipends, benefits, and education scholarships
  • Statistically significant increases in corps members’ quality of life

What people say about Recovery Corps

“I’m beginning to recognize the significance of sobriety. Garrett makes me realize that there’s hope. I know that there’s a gorilla doing push-ups out there just waiting for me to come out and return to drugs. But I like this world I’m in now. I like each and every moment of this new light.” —Steve, treatment center client, assisted by PRA

“Being a Recovery Corps member means so much to me. I’m experiencing something I never thought I would. When I get up in the morning, I know what I’m here for.” –Latif, PRA