BHSB moved! Our office is now located at 100 S. Charles St, Tower II, 8th Floor, Baltimore, MD, 21202

Our Mission

Vision Statement

Behavioral Health System Baltimore envisions a city where people live and thrive in communities that promote and support behavioral health and wellness.

Mission Statement

We are committed to enhancing the behavioral health and wellness of individuals, families and communities through:

  • The promotion of behavioral health and wellness, prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery,
  • The creation and leadership of an integrated network of providers that promotes universal access to comprehensive, data-driven services and
  • Advocacy and leadership of behavioral health-related efforts to align resources, programs and policy.

Statement of Values

In our commitment to enhancing the behavioral health and wellness of all Baltimore residents, we are guided by these core values:

  • All of Baltimore‚Äôs residents, regardless of community, socioeconomic or family status and behavioral health, should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.
  • We must approach our work, our colleagues and the people we serve with dignity, compassion, integrity, cultural competence, equity and an understanding of the full range of behavioral health challenges people face.
  • We must work to ensure that the care provided throughout Baltimore is of the highest quality, comprehensive and person-centered, and that providers work in true partnership with those who seek care.
  • We must collaborate with community leaders and residents to advocate for and promote policies, values and norms that are supportive of behavioral health and wellness.