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Our Leadership & Staff

  • Crista Taylor, LCSW-C

    President and CEO of Behavioral Health System Baltimore

    Crista Taylor is the President and CEO of Behavioral Health System Baltimore. A licensed clinical social worker, Ms. Taylor is recognized as a leader in behavioral health in Maryland. She has experience working with policymakers, nonprofit organizations, and elected officials on innovative approaches to improving the behavioral health of Marylanders.

    Crista Taylor has more than 20 years of experience in the behavioral health field where she has overseen the implementation of a range of programs that improved the quality of care delivered in the Public Behavioral Health System. Since 2005, Crista has developed innovative and cost effective behavioral health approaches to service delivery at the former Baltimore Mental Health Systems and now Behavioral Health System Baltimore. With partner organizations in the community, she led the development of a Forensic Assertive Community Treatment team, a mental health docket in the Circuit Court of Baltimore and served on the executive team that lead to the creation of Behavioral Health System Baltimore. Prior to joining BHSB, she was the Program Director for the Community Institute of Behavioral Services Mobile Treatment Program at Bon Secours Baltimore Health System where she participated in Maryland’s initiative for implementing Assertive Community Treatment and served as a psychiatric therapist at Johns Hopkins Hospital, providing treatment in three different outpatient settings and performing street outreach to people experiencing homelessness.

    Crista received her bachelor’s degree from American University in Washington D.C. and a master’s degree in social work from the University of Maryland, Baltimore where she taught as an adjunct professor.

  • Steve Johnson

    Vice President, Programs

    Steve Johnson is the Vice President of Programs at Behavioral Health System Baltimore.  At BHSB, Steve leads a team of staff that is responsible for oversight and management of services within the publicly funded system of mental health and substance use related services for adults, youth and families in the city of Baltimore.  In collaboration with others at BHSB, those served by the system of care, families, and other stakeholders; his team focuses on the accessibility, quality and comprehensiveness of the system of care.

    Steve is a licensed clinical professional counselor with over 25 years of experience providing services and managing programs in Baltimore.  He approaches his work with goals of progressive social justice and enhancing the experience of community for all people.  He envisions a behavioral health system that is increasingly person and family centered; nurtures the resilience, strengths, and natural supports of people; and supports individualized visions of recovery and meaningful community life.

    Steve received a master’s degree in Community Mental Health from Trinity College of Vermont.

  • Adrienne Breidenstine, MSW

    Vice President, Policy and Communications

    Adrienne Breidenstine is Vice President of Policy and Communications. She directs the development of communications and policy and advocacy activities for Behavioral Health System Baltimore, coordinates BHSB’s policy priorities with non-profit and governmental partners, and implements media, public education and advocacy campaigns to create positive behavior and policy change.

    Adrienne has over 10 years’ experience with health and housing policy and helped shape policy reforms as it relates to homelessness and health care policy at the federal and local level. Prior to joining BHSB, Adrienne served as the Executive Director of the Journey Home for the Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Human Services where she led the implementation of the Journey Home, Baltimore’s plan to end homelessness. In this role she established the first-ever performance management approach to track and evaluate progress to implement The Journey Home and launched the Mayor’s Veteran Homelessness Challenge, a community collaborative that permanently housed over 600 Veterans in 2015.

    Previously, Adrienne served as the Director of Overdose Treatment and Prevention at Behavioral Health System Baltimore. She received a master’s degree in social work, with a concentration in social action and community development, from the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

  • Lynn Mumma, MSW, CHCO

    Vice President, Strategy

    Lynn Mumma serves as the Vice President for Strategy. Strategy seeks to instill a social determinants of health lens into all facets of BHSB’s internal and external work. The team supports this in a variety of ways, including synthesizing and analyzing data to inform decision making and monitor outcomes, expanding prevention efforts, and supporting communities toward developing capacity to mitigate toxic stress and improve resilience so that residents can thrive.

    Lynn has over nine years’ experience directing behavioral health and child welfare programmatic operations. Prior to joining BHSB, she served as the Deputy Director for the Baltimore City Department of Social Services, overseeing adult, family and children’s services, where she spearheaded the implementation of a family find program serving children in foster care who do not have a permanent connection to family. Lynn also brings experience from the health care sector, having managed national employer group health care plans and pharmaceutical contracts.

    Lynn received a master’s degree in social work from Boston College and an undergraduate degree from Duke University.



  • Arnold Ross, MBA


    Vice President, Finance and Operations

    Arnold Ross is Vice President of Finance and Operations. As the Chief Financial Officer for BHSB, he is responsible for overseeing all of the business aspects of the organization, including budget planning, contract preparation, fiscal and financial management, grants and general accounting, equipment purchasing, and facility/Information technology management.

    For 15 years, Arnold served as the Chief Financial Officer for the former Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems, Inc. and now Behavioral Health System Baltimore. In this role, he oversaw financial and administrative management for the organization and successfully implemented new accounting systems, internal controls, and compliance polices. Before joining BHSB, he was the Controller for the Family League of Baltimore, where he managed and developed financial systems, monitored management information systems, developed fiscal and accounting policy for the delivery of and comprehensive rehabilitation services to foster care children in Baltimore City.

    With more than 25 years of nonprofit financial management experience, Arnold has served a variety of not-for profit boards in the publicly funded treatment and prevention system in Baltimore City, including the Board of the AA Grapevine, Inc., and the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc. He received his master’s in business administration from Atlanta University and his bachelors in management and finance from Morris Brown College in Atlanta, GA.

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  • Staff Directory

    Behavioral Health System Baltimore Staff Directory

    First Name Last Name Job Title Direct Line
    Adrienne Breidenstine Vice President, Policy and Communications 443-615-7824
    Alicia Torres Referrals Coordinator 443-615-7832
    Aminata Page Director, Quality Initiatives 410-735-8534
    Amy Vasbinder Accounting Manager 443-615-7854
    Arnold Ross Vice President, Finance and Operation/CFO 410-735-8546
    Ashley Collins Rehabilitation and Treatment Coordinator 410-735-8552
    Ayelet Gincel Human Resources Director 443-615-7838
    Barry Waters Provider Relations Manager 410-735-8570
    Beata Siakowska Director, Grants Accounting 410-735-8550
    Bonnie Campbell Director, Special Projects 443-615-7790
    Candace Duval Grants Accountant 410-735-8510
    Celeste Boykins Associate Director, Clinical Services 410-735-8506
    Cindy Liu Senior Staff Accountant 443-615-7856
    Crista Taylor President and CEO 443-615-7828
    Daniel Atzmon LEAD Project Manager 410-735-8580
    Daniel Jarvis Rehabilitation and Treatment Coordinator, Adult Services 410-735-8566
    David Taylor Criminal Justice Care Coordinator 410-735-8558
    Deborah Myers Administration Manager 410-735-8542
    Denise Wheatley-Rowe Director, Child and Family Strategic Initiatives 443-615-7834
    Diana Long Incident Management & Investigations Manager 443-615-7810
    Dorothy Jenkins Receptionist 443-615-7800
    Elizabeth Unger Communications Manager 410-735-8954
    Elizabeth Wexler B.E.S.T. Coordinator  410-868-4081
    Emily Heinlein Director of Public Health Strategic Initiatives 410-735-8522
    Francis Guthua Fiscal Coordinator 410-735-8518
    Gabby Knighton Associate Director, Recovery Support Services 410-735-8526
    Gayle Jordan-Randolph, M.D. Medical Director 443-615-7862
    Georgia Stevens ​Long Term Care Coordinator
    Heather Dewey Associate Director, Child and Family Services 443-615-7814
    Jacquelyn Camper Quality Coordinator 410-735-8504
    Jennifer Glassman Senior Contract Administrator 443-615-7850
    Jermel Gilliam Rehabilitation and Treatment Coordinator 410-735-8560
    Jerry Jackson Criminal Justice Care Coordinator 410-735-8532
    Jose Arbelaez Director of Epidemiology and Data Management 443-615-7804
    Karen Wade Administrative Specialist 410-735-8568
    Kathi Ruffin C​ontroller 410-735-8554
    Keisha Tatum Director, Contracting Operations 410-735-8530
    Kisha Winston-Watkins Rehabilitation and Treatment Coordinator 410-735-8576
    Kola Bakre Older Adults Behavioral Health Coordinator 410-735-8540
    Kristen Johnson Grants Accountant 410-735-8592
    Lakeisha Hendricks Senior Contract Administrator 410-735-8589
    Lanre Alonge Director, Information Technology 410-735-8500
    Latosha Brooks Prevention Services Coordinator 410-735-8587
    LeAndra Marsh Contract Specialist 443-615-7806
    Lee Irving Special Assistant to the President & CEO 410-735-8528
    Lynn Mumma Vice President, Strategy 443-615-7848
    Mark Slater Associate Director, Adult Services 443-615-7820
    Mark Sine Recovery Services Coordinator 443-615-7802
    Mary Vaeth Quality Coordinator 410-735-8564
    Mimi Gardner VP-Accountability and Provider Relations 443-615-7844
    Miriam Alvarez OEND Outreach Coordinator 443-615-7826
    Mrugesh Patel Database Administrator 410-735-8582
    Nathan Fields Overdose Prevention & Response Trainer  410-340-2445
    Nicole McGill Outpatient Civil Commitment (OCC) Monitor 410-735-8574
    Nora Larkai Prevention Coordinator 443-615-7792
    Patricia Cobb-Richardson Director of Community Resilience 443-615-7858
    Philip Engler Grants Accountant 410-735-8556
    Romona Dixon-Smith Quality Coodinator 410-735-8508
    Samantha Ciaravino OCC Project Evaluator 410-735-8516
    Shanice Petion HR Specialist 410-735-8572
    Shanna Bittner-Borell Special Projects Manager 443-615-7798
    Shante Johnson You TURNS Coordinator 443-615-7840
    Sherita Hawkes MD RecoveryNet Regional Area Coordinator 410-735-8536
    Stacey Jefferson Policy Manager 410-735-8578
    Steve Baron Senior Advisor 410-735-8548
    Steve Johnson VP, Programs 443-615-7796
    Tara Thallmayer Data Manager 443-615-7812
    Tiffany Heard Recovery Services Coordinator 410-735-8562
    Tiffiney Hairston Administrative Specialist 443-615-7786
    Tyrone Fleming Associate Director of Quality 410-735-8514
    Valerie Bowling Grants Accountant 410-735-8502
    Wanda Rohlehr Grants Accountant 443-615-7780
    William Miller Bmore POWER Coordinator 443-615-7784
    Xavier Fuller Contract Management Specialist 443-615-7822